radical sabbatical - part 2

Yup, still here at Moonlight! Here's some pics from my shape-surf-eat-drink-sleep regimen.

Got my Skil 100 up and running again. My back loves it.


Watching Hydrodynamica at RK's house.

It's impossible to out-drink Neal. Look at my face...hammer time.


meet me at the pyramid

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

To celebrate, Daniel Partch made some 9" Greenough 4A fins out of some Finland birch...

Marine-ply stubbies soon come!


mandala/delphi colab

Our friend Matt Irving is a design genius. He's made over 500 skateboard graphics for companies like Stereo and Element, and now we're working on a small run of stubbies and longer tri-plane hulls with a new Mandala logo, and some custom color and artwork by Mr. Irving himself. Here's a peek at the new logo:

Check out Matt's website at: DELPHI COLLECTIVE

More pics coming soon...


goofing off on company time

Here's something fun my friend Jessie Van Roechoudt made for killing time:


If you see a blank white screen, just start clicking in space with your mouse...


6'0" pintail stubbie

Here's a stubbie I've been surfing for the past few weeks down here in Leucadia and it's been a super fun board to surf after a day of shaping...

6'0" pintail stubbie
21" x 2-7/8"
tri-plane concave
Dark olive green resin tint
Wetsanded gloss
8" Greenough Stage 4A in volan by Larry Allison (Fibre Glas Fin Co.)
Moonlight Glassing!


tyler warren pocket rocket

Here's some pics of Tyler's new model for Mandala...

5'3" to 5'11"
20"-21" x 2.25"-2.75"

- glass-on marine-ply twin fins (template by Tyler Warren, foiled by Daniel Partch)
- deck is solid color opaque with tapered reverse lap
- tapered stringer
- leash bridge
- choice of wet-sanded or polished gloss

- hull entry
- single concave
- S-deck foil

The S-deck brings thickness right under your belly button for early entry and functional volume under your feet. The nose is narrower than most fish at 15" and under, and is thinned out for reduced swing weight and sensitivity.

If you're interested in placing an order for these limited production boards, send me an email at mandalacustomshapes@gmail.com.


μύγα δύο πουλιών

Feathered friends Serena, Mason, and John have put together a little company called Two Birds Fly, which has brought together shapers and artists from all over to build more eco-friendly surfboards. I shaped 6 boards out of Biofoam, with bamboo fins foiled by Marlin Bacon.

Artists for this series include Thomas Campbell, Kyle Field, Nat Russell, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Lana Porcello, and Johanna St.Clair.

Check out more pics at their website: