Biofoam Quad Fish

I finally got to see my soybean shred sleds last weekend and they came out looking really good. Though plant-based surfboard blanks have a bit of catching up to do with conventional polyurethane blanks, I feel pretty good about supporting technology which uses domestically-grown organic soy. Oil resources are a finite commodity, and we're eventually going to have to look towards alternatives to oil in order to make surfboards. Imagine what will happen to price of oil and the price of polyurethane polymers when we begin to run out. The guys at Homeblown U.S. will have a pretty good head start on the competition...

5'9" x 20.25" x 2-3/8"
Clear sanded finish
Bamboo AK4 fins by 101 Fin Company

The new Wetsand Surf Shop opens on Monday, October 23rd, and they have four quad fish ranging from 5'7" to 6'1". They're located on 446 East Main Street, Ventura, CA 93001.

Check out more photos on the Mandala website.

Oh, and off-white is the new black~~~~~


Soft Power

I ran into my old friend David this weekend in Big Sur and he's been busy painting waves...

You can check out more of his work at davidmolesky.com...


((3D)) Picnic at the Henry Miller Library, Big Sur


(((folkYEAH!))) presents
(( 3D )) Picnic: A Music & Visual Arts Gathering
Saturday, October 13th, 2007
High Noon ~ 11pm
2 Stages ::: Lots of Music
Tickets $ 20.00 (includes all fee's etc.) Will be kept at the gate for p/u.

:::::: set times ::::::: two stages ::::::

Front Stage
12:00 Black Shirts
1:00 Golden Animals
2:00 VALET
3:00 Residual Echoes
4:00 Donovan Quinn and the 13th Month
5:00 WHYSP
6:00 The Dodo's
7:00 Akron Family
9:30 White Rainbow A/V Performance (with 3D Healing Hut)

Side Stage
1:30 7 come 11
2:35 Landy
3:35 Jeffrey Manson
4:40 Bird by Snow
5:40 Sean Smith
PLEASE carpool to this and all events @ The Henry Miller Library!
Please park to the south of the library grounds as another event will be occuring at the Hawthorne Gallery (just north of HML) at the same time.

...morning hike/surf, afternoon picnic and tunes...


Stringerless Quad Fish for Joe Curren

I met Joe in Brooklyn last July at an art opening and premier of Patrick Trefz' film "Thread"at the Mollusk NYC shop and we got to talking about quad fishes and the lack thereof in his quiver. He wanted a 5'6" with marine-ply CQCs, which would suit him better since he's accustomed to surfing a twin keel (see Thread and One California Day.)

The stringerless is a bit faster than my quad fish with a tapered stringer as they're shaped with a bit less tail rocker. Once you go into a big turn, the board flexes and twists, adding tail rocker and storing energy which is released coming out of turns. As you go down the line you can feel the board finding its own path of least resistance, with the fins and board flexing together. I glass them with 6+6 deck/6+6 bottom, as the extra weight is negligible relative to that feeling of flight.

More photos to come...


Missing the Mattsons

The twins have checked out of the Chateau Mollusca and have gone south for the winter to write some new tunes and find a shower that works. Anyone interested in good music should go visit their Myspace page here.


Andrew Kidman's new book - "Ether"

Kirk Gee publishes Andrew's books and sent me a preview of his new art book project, "Ether." If you'd like to order a copy, check out his website at www.litmus.com.au

Here's a few images from Andrew's extensive portfolio:


Stringerless Round Pin Quad

One of my friends at RVCA wanted a unique board for surfing the Central Coast, so I made him a little boneless four finner...

6'1" round pin quad
20.25" x 2.5"