BioFoam Bat-tails

I shaped a board today out of BioFoam, a blank made by HomeBlown USA. 50% of the blank is made from plant resins, which results in 36% less global warming emissions and a 61% reduction in non-renewable energy use.

Pros: The blanks are very shaper friendly and I didn't feel itchy being covered in it. Occasionally I get foam dust in my eyes, but this stuff didn't burn or irritate my eyes like most foam dust does. It almost feels "clean."

Cons: The blanks are pretty soft, and I'm not sure how durable the blank is going to be with 6oz+4oz deck/4 oz bottom. We'll see. Even though the foam is soft, it seems to tear easily using a planer. I had to shape it with my Hitachi since the armature on my Skil 100 is at the shop getting re-wound. I'm not sure how the blank will shape with a slower RPM planer like the Skil.

The stock rocker for the 64F fish blank worked out ok shaping a 5'11" bat-tail, but I'll be sure to order my own rocker for the next one. Hopefully BioFoam will work out the kinks with their formula. I'd really like to see the industry move towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to the petroleum-based resins that make up most of the blanks out there today.

EDIT >>> I just learned from the folks at BioFoam that if you let the blank sit for 24 hours it hardens up again. I just checked my shaped blank and it cured up to the same hardness as my blue US Banks. I recommend giving these blanks a go. Let's support an industry that's moving towards sustainability and awareness. (Now for a plant-derived polyester resin...)

Here's some photos of a bat-tail quad I shaped for Michael S., my liason for BioFoam:

5'11" x 20.5" x 2-3/8"


Some art...

I've been lucky enough to receive some of the best gifts ever from my friends who make wonderful things to look at. Here's a few pieces that are gracing my walls these days:

Tiffany Bozic gave this to me a few years ago after a solo show at Blk/Mrkt Gallery in Los Angeles. I think I still owe her a surfboard or something...

Alex Kopps made this while we were eating at Mama's Royal Cafe one day. It's penned on a paper place mat that they put on the tables. I think he wrote "double nugchumpa" to make fun of the fact that I like incense.

Thomas Campbell gave this to me recently after making him and Alex Knost a few quads to bring to Africa. He's a bad mother scratcher.

Alex Weinstein sent this to me after he got his new quad fish for El Salvador. Holy crap. I just looked at the newest issue of TSJ and they've got an artist profile on him. He's a super nice guy and if you ever see him in the water, give him a set wave for me...


Mission to Moonlight

It's a long drive down to Moonlight Glassing from San Francisco, but it's worth it to hang out with family, pick up new boards and blanks, and surf warmer water...

Recent boards and sunsets

Here's some photos of some recent boards I've made, plus some views from the Bay Area...