Joel Tudor, Big Rock, San Diego, 2004.


Montgomery Earnest Thomas Kaluhiokalani.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


brightblack morning light - "hologram buffalo" - matador records.


This board was filmed during the Moonlight Glassing section of "The Tyler Warren Experiments," and features a fabric inlay and pencil-on-foam drawing by Tyler...neato!

6'0" arctail
white opaque lamination
wet-sanded gloss
marine-ply center fin by Daniel Partch
Moonlight Glassing!


Alex and Alex, dodging and weaving through early morning traffic in SF...


5'7" stubbie 2+1 :: vanilla opaque :: combo finish :: bamboo fins by 101 Fin Company :: Moonlight Glassing :: for Meredith ~

I've been following Brooklyn-based artist Jose Parla over the past 4 years, and his work just getting more and more layered and complex. His website is still under construction, but you can see a picture of his studio HERE.


soon come...


I miss shooting Polaroid film...please excuse the fake borders...blame it on Rachel! My Polaroids from the old Mandala website...

From Engaget.com:

"Call us crazy, but we never had much faith in the power of The Impossible Project to bring back the legendary Polaroid instant-print film camera. Despite our doubts (and those of the world), that very group has evidently caused quite a stir in the offices of Summit Global, which has today announced that the film-based One Step Camera is on track for a mid-2010 release. The Impossible Project will be in charge of producing a limited number of Polaroid-branded color and B&W Instant Films along the way, and just in case film isn't really your bag, Summit is planning to issue a Polaroid TWO -- described as the "digital version of the traditional camera that produces instant digital photos" -- sometime next year. It's all about bringing sexy back, y'all."

Read - Summit Global's release
Read - The Impossible Project's release


"Jay Nelson creates objects and structures that facilitate inventive approaches to living. His creations are often meant to be mobile and pose questions about our relationship to the environment that we inhabit and the landscape in which we travel. For the exhibition at Southern Exposure, Nelson will be creating an electric camper pod. Encased in a fiberglass shell, the pod is a small camper home on wheels complete with a water tank, stove, cabinets, fold-down table and convertible bed. The Golden Gate I included in the show at Southern Exposure is a prototype and a proposal for what could possibly be fleet of similar vehicles. Each potential pod is a raw space that can be customized by the inhabitant into a temporary home and a space for introspection."

For more information about Southern Exposure and their current exhibitions, visit SOEX.ORG

Here's an quad Jay drew on a few years ago...

These tri-plane hulls are available at M's Surf Shop in Fujisawa City, Japan...


Rewind to 2003, basement in Oakland, Alex Kopps plants the seeds for the Dark Cloud Mind Machine...

Here's your rail profile...


Sidewalk shredder Yuta Koide is at it again with some new hand-made sleds for your carving pleasure. Visit SHAKA STICS to learn more...

Joel Tudor asked me to make him a stubbie for his next trip to Hawaii, so here's a 5'11" with the wide point behind center...


High-performance shredder outline...

Extreme rudder placement...

Hardcore airbrush...logos are lame!

Balsa heel stop for carving the lip without over-shredding...

Ben got the idea after he had a dream where aliens gave him a template, oh wait, that was Greenough...

Professional beer-brewer and B-Squad leader Ben Matz showed me his latest shape this morning and it sort of reminded me of an old Japanese cartoon called "G-Force" and their jet called the Phoenix. Anyway, the board works insane...on Ben's first wave he did a few cutbacks and finished off with re-entry into reverse! Where's the Go-Pro hero when you need it? Great job Ben! (Now go make more beer!)