Bamboo for You

Marlin Bacon of 101 Fin Company makes beautiful things from one of the fastest growing woody-stemmed grasses on Earth. Unlike timber harvesting, bamboo is a renewable resource and can be harvested without killing the plant itself. With bamboo, you can eat the shoots, build scaffolding a mile high, and hand-foil super strong fins with an insane flex characteristic.

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5'5" double-wing quad fish
20" x 2-3/8"
Spirulina Resin Tint + Polish
Bamboo Canard Quad Cutaways
For Kerry >>>


Galaxsea Crawler

I have a friend who's a general contractor/green builder who's built like a lumberjack, eats whole loaves of bread for breakfast, and can roll a cigarette riding a motorcycle no hands at 90 mph. He wanted another board to put some deep pressure dings in, so I shaped him a round pin 2+1. Our mutual friend Nat Russell came by the shop with his bag of tricks and unleashed the Galaxsea Crawler.

"Holy fuckin' flanging shitballs of radness!" - Eric P.

"Omigod, that's so rad!" - Rat Dolphin

"Whoa." - Honey Bear

Click on that yo...


Round Pin 2+1's

Here's a 5'11" round pinner shaped for the Mollusk Surf Shop in New York. It has the same bottom contour as my stub, with a single concave blending into a double-concave through vee. It's going to have some 3" side bites and a volan flex fin ala True Ames. Instead of a stubby nose, I opted to shape out the ears and use a nose template not unlike those found on my fish:

5'11" RP 2+1
16" nose
15" tail